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The following extract is by Jason Swain who works as lead wedding photographer at Wight Pixels providing Isle of Wight Wedding Photography.

“I live and work as a professional photographer on the Isle of Wight, I shoot weddings with a fun, creative & relaxed style, with an eye for catching those special intimate & candid moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

I genuinely love to tell the story of that day by catching those special intimate & candid moments that might otherwise be forgotten, and i’m delighted to see the way that people are responding so positively to this fresh & contemporary style with their testimonials.

So if you like the idea of an informal approach using natural light from a friendly, approachable and flexible professional photographer, then get in touch and maybe we can work something out for your special day.”

Prices start from £450 for Isle of Wight Wedding Photography, a full wedding package price list can be found further down this page. Please get in touch via email or call on 0787 203 9384 to discuss your requirements.

Just a few of the things people have said about our Isle of Wight wedding photography service.

“Huge smiles all around… you sure captured the essence of a wedding here Jason… bride and groom on the happiest day of their life”

“to me this is one of the best and most touching ‘wedding shots’ I’ve ever seen – simply brilliant, honest, true, touching and wonderful!!!! Thank you for this joy”

“This is life and people at its best”

“This is one of the best wedding shots I have seen! The human condition!”

“it’s right time, right place and keeping your eyes open for moments like this. Awesome shot!”

“I loved the intimacy that you captured in all of the photos. They are photos any bride and groom would be so proud to have.”

“whoa! amazing wedding shot! Love the natural light! Excellent photograph Jason!”

“I am so impressed by your wedding shots, the ambiance and the light and shadows. its so good to see there are young couples that DONT want the boring predictable images “

“THESE are the really memorable moments of a wedding, and not the group shots before the church etc.”

“i much prefer these candid type shots……real memories for sure!!”

“What is there not to love about this shot? It is perfect! You caught the joy & excitement of the moment perfectly!”

“great pre-wedding candid shot……love photos that tell a story!”

2015 Isle of Wight wedding photography price list.

Isle of Wight Wedding Photography – Option 1.
The whole day, with two photographers on duty. £1295

This is a premier pamper fully comprehensive package, which covers the whole day with two photographers at the ready to catch those split second moments. Jason Swain attends a pre-wedding meeting with you to look around the wedding venue, where you can finesse your photographic brief, flag up any special (or quirky) requirements and moot ideas for the big day.

Working with a second photographer, Jason and his trusted assistant capture all the behind the scenes goings on. A photographic record of the ‘whole day’ you’ll get to see what your other half were doing in the run up to the wedding service, whether they were settling nerves behind a bar or having a hairdo carefully coiffured. This is a watertight package covering every aspect of your big day through to first dance and final farewells. So if you know your wedding is already predicted to be a big affair, with a large group of guests set in a large wedding venue, then this is the package for you.

You’ll get a photo library of beautiful imagery, which is professionally edited and supplied on DVD at both high and lo-resolution (in both jpg and RAW format if required). Copyright free you have the freedom to use them any way you want whether that is for traditional or canvas printing, your very own photo-book or for sharing on your favourite social media sites. You also get access to an online gallery (optional password protected) of lo-res shots, which you can merrily share around the globe.

Isle of Wight Wedding Photography – Option 2.
Full day wedding service, with one photographer £895

Exactly the same as the premier pamper package but with just one photographer. So Jason working on his own with his antennae honed and lens at the ready to capture the full gamut of the day – all the behind-the-scenes, the wedding entourage per se to exchanging vows and those memorable speeches. He continues throughout the reception, with no limit on the number of images taken or supplied, so you get every angle covered with the same exacting standards.

Isle of Wight Wedding Photography – Option 3.
Wedding Service and Reception, with two photographers £995

This package is exactly the same as the premier pamper (two photographers) but starting with the wedding service through to the reception (so no pre-wedding shots). With two pairs of eyes documenting the events of the day, you can be guaranteed of feasting your eyes on some memorable moments and of course, all the things you were too busy not to see yourself.

Isle of Wight Wedding Photography – Option 4.
Wedding Service and Reception, with one photographer £675

OEverything in this package is as the above but with the trusted hand of one photographer, Jason. He starts with the wedding service and details everything else that happens during and after – those candid moments from the spontaneous and the staged, photographs that speak volumes such as the heart melting first dance to other such reception delights.

Isle of Wight Wedding Photography – Option 5.
Wedding Service only, with one photographer £450

With no compromise on standards or creativity, you can hire Jason just to shoot the wedding service only. Sometimes a bride and groom might only need a photographic document of the wedding alone – and nothing else. Jason will be at the ready to catch history in the making and give you something to smile about for years to come.

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